Pforzheim University - unique and distinctive

With more than 6,000 students, Pforzheim University is one of the state's largest University of Applied Sciences. Today, the School of Engineering, the School of Design and the Business School combine creativity and the urge to innovate with business administration studies and technical precision - a combination that makes it a highly attractive partner when it comes to questions and research contracts from industry and the world of business.

137 years of successful professional education: Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences dates back to 1877 when the historical predecessor of the School of Design was founded. In today's form it exists since 1922, developed in the transitional phase of past and present. In cooperation with regional companies the Chamber of Industry and Commerce developed a solid range of innovative and future-oriented study programs.

In all Bachelor and Master programs the so-called Pforzheim Model focuses on a traditional canon of academic subjects combining basic knowledge with modern technology and course relevant specialisations. Over the last years and by leaving trends behind we created study programs for future professionals. This model is highly appreciated by potential employers ensuring excellent prospects on the job market of the future.

With 29 Bachelor and 13 Master programs Pforzheim University has highly specialized course offers. More than 6,000 students are taught by 200 professors and 300 lecturers. Pforzheim University is thus one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg. The modern campus, awarded for its architecture, is situated on a hill overlooking the city, thus creating a unique learning environment that is being regarded as outstanding.

Pforzheim stands for an excellent student-to-teacher ratio during the entire study period. We emphasize interdisciplinary cooperation between our three schools and provide for a practice-oriented education. The high academic level guarantees the outstanding reputation of Pforzheim University in Germany and abroad. Another trademark is the large network of cooperation partners, sponsors and partner universities. 

Positioned regionally, oriented internationally - this philosophy is both aim and task for Pforzheim University. As the first University of Applied Sciences and as one of the few universities in Germany, our Business School was AACSB accredited  (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), thus confirming its excellent quality on international level. The accredetation contributes to the worldwide reputation of Pforzheim University enhancing opportunities for our students to study abroad at internationally renowned universities

The School of Engineering (more than 2,000 students), founded in 1992, offers a broad range of bachelor and master study programs in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Mechatronics and Business Administration and Engineering (Industrial Engineering). All study programs enjoy close collaboration with business representatives and established industrial enterprises. Thus, we are able to ensure that our future graduates will secure excellent job offers in industry, taking on technical, business and organizational managerial responsibilities.

We offer a learning situation based on the diversity of our students in terms of nationality, ethnicity and gender. Our school is student oriented and provides a high level of interaction and communication with other students and professors. We focus on good and effective mentoring in small-sized classes (on average 30 students). Students enhance their knowledge primarily through individual projects and group work. As a result, students are able to work effectively in teams or leading positions.

Interdisciplinary thinking plays a significant role at our school. Throughout their studies and research projects there is excellent cooperation between students and business companies, engineers, designers and experts from various sectors. The Institute of Applied Research, the Steinbeis Transfer Centers and the Jewelry Technology Institute are actively involved in applied research projects. Close collaboration with internationally acclaimed companies like Bosch, Daimler, Porsche, SAP etc., has led to an increase in applicants to the school. Consequently, the school has been expanding internally as well as internationally.