EMIG Summer School

Picture: EMIG Summer School 2014 participants in Berlin

Engineers Made in Germany - Your Summer !

Germany has always been synonymous with engineering. No other country has shaped the profession and the image of an engineer more than Germany. Its reputation as a land of inventors has been the result of many successfull patents, one of its most famous figures being Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the first car.


Come to Pforzheim and gain and insight into this spirit of invention. We offer you a close-knit personal summer program at the internationally recognized Pforzheim University.


In cooperation with Hochschule Pforzheim University the EMIG Summer School combines high quality education and a wide cultural program with various company visits and excursions to places in Germany and Europe.


  • May 18 - June 29, 2024

  • 9 Credits in 3 courses

  • Lectures and program are held in English

  • Free room

  • 3 day trip to Munich

  • 4 day trip to Berlin

  • Various trips to companies, cities (like Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg (France)), plants, museums and other excurison destinations, entrance fees included

  • Official student status at Pforzheim University
    (access to all facilities, sports program, library, cafeteria

  • Free public transport in Pforzheim, the Pforzheim region and during all trips

  • Buddy program with local students

  • 24/7 phone number

All for

7,250 program fee (including tax and fee) 

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